Selected a positive and inspiring mantra to spread via twitter daily first thing every AM. The selected slogan was "Better Than Yesterday", which spoke directly to a rising generation who is extremely hard on themselves. A reminder that all mistakes are lessons, and what went wrong yesterday only makes one better, for what they will accomplish today. Over time the mantra caught on, receiving 20-30 retweets/favorites a day, and people even began tweeting the phrase from their own networks. 


Created original merchandise for [EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC. based around daily slogan, that created waves online. The merchandise was packaged alongside a collection of original photos by Tre' Banks and Tess Kind, to create a "Better Than Yesterday" mini-zine. Truly bringing customers into the lifestyle, and authentic feel of company.  


In order to fully sell product, we went to Chicago, Illinois to collaborate with artist Troi Warren and direct commercial prior to public release of the product. We drew up vision and setting we envisioned, and collaborated with Troi in order to execute location and post production.