|| Tre' Banks x DopeOverDose Studios (ATL) ||

|| Tre' Banks x DopeOverDose Studios (ATL) ||

During a recent visit to Atlanta, Tre' Banks stopped by DopeOverDose Studios to find out what they were about, and their inspirations/motivations. 




Upon Arrival, we met 3 individuals Dev, Qua, and Jodeci. The front office contained multiple Mac desktops and laptops, along with company branding on walls and past work. The entire space gave an aura of new ideas and inspiration, with primarily red lighting in the main office space. Dev then introduced us to the store portion, which is layered in grass, like a well designed pop up shop; Surrounded by clothes and other miscellaneous items. Finally we moved things over to the Studio room, which contained backdrops, lights, tripods, and more for visual productions. 


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HOW THEY GOT STARTED:  Dope Overdose was a clothing line, and still is. When starting the brand, the minds behind Dope Overdose executed all graphics, designs, fonts, and lookbooks in-house. Through learning the necessary skills to design and market their own product, eventually the team realized these skills could be outsourced. After obtaining a makeshift creative space a mile away from the AUC in Atlanta, they locked in on the three things that drives their business [DESIGN, CLOTHES/PRODUCT , and VISUAL PRODUCTION]. 

INSPIRATIONS: The 3 members all agreed that not too many outside sources or major companies inspire them. Being rooted in Atlanta allows them to see the hotbed of creativity (especially music) firsthand, and they get inspiration from friends and peers. They love to brainstorm and execute amongst each other, and the outside feedback has consistently been positive. 

WHO HAVE THEY WORKED WITH: DOS has worked with mainly artists in the hip hop space, including PopStar Benny, ChaseTheMoney,  GVVAN and more. They say their focus has been helping the branding of artists, along with continuing their own clothing line but sometimes they do concepts for other products ( i.e Pop-Tarts , Cereal, and Donuts ). 

GOALS MOVING FORWARD: Working to continue making a mark amongst their peers, by hosting more events at their space and creating more productions (Audio + Visual ) for various dreamers. They want to continue cultivating the creative community in their city, while utilizing their talent and skills to assist visionaries nationally.  



[EV]-Bnkscrtv, LLC. (EBC) serves as an [Experience + Creative Marketing] based hub, constantly looking to collaborate with our established and emerging peers. Thank you to DopeOverdozStudios for the brief tour and genuine insight into your everyday process, along with the impromptu shoot.  Companies like theirs inspire our own, and i'm sure many others.  

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Style and Direction Team.     Pictured above (From Left To Right) :  Hez  ,  Tre' Banks  ,  O'Milli

Style and Direction Team. 

Pictured above (From Left To Right) : Hez , Tre' Banks , O'Milli

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